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Hillocc Pty Ltd

Since 1995.

We have been providing specialised Surveying and Town Planning services to the development and construction industry across South East Queensland. We cater to both the small residential market as well as the large commercial sector and will work with you to make your project a success, no matter how large or small.

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Who We Work With

Hillocc works with individuals and companies who have an eye for detail and value quality and accuracy. Those who believe that the success of each project is determined during its earliest phases. That a project succeeds because your vision is paired with the right expertise and partners. 

We work with those who believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. That's why Hillocc specialises in partnering with:

As the artists of the construction industry you have an immense responsibility for matching your creativity with your clients visions. To bring these ideas to life, you need highly detailed and accurate surveys that integrate directly into your workflow so you can start creating immediately. 
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Premium Builders
You favour quality over quantity each and every day of the year. The word "mass-market" is not in your vocabulary. Your specialties include "spec homes", "dream homes" and "forever homes". You know the quality of your builds are only as good as the quality of your sub-contractors. 
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Home Owners
The construction industry can be a jungle for the uninitiated. Friends, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, they all have their opinions and agendas. But none of them are putting their money on the line. We work with home owners to ensure you get the best outcome, on time and on budget. 
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Hillocc is here to help. Whether you have questions about sub-division potential, development feasibility or just need some general guidance... Give us a call.
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Why Choose Us

Hillocc have been helping Brisbane and the greater south-east region build better for over 25 years. How? It's coded into our DNA...

Provide the most detailed and accurate surveys and plans in order to enable the construction of the highest-quality residential buildings.
To champion the cause of quality and accuracy throughout the residential construction industry.

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