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Surveyor for Architects

Our goal is to evolve the residential construction industry and redefine the relationship of architects and surveyors working as one. For us, they’re two sides of the same coin. Collaborating to produce quality and excellence for our clients.

Likeminded professionals

As professionals within the construction industry, we both understand the importance of quality in our work. Our reputations hinge upon it. 


Cultivated properly, this reputation will attract clients who appreciate the same values. Those same clients sought to engage your creative services instead of opting for a mass-market builder. They want a unique and inspiring forever-home instead of a bland cookie-cutter house. 


And whilst they’re willing to pay more to make their dreams a reality, they still want value for money. 

Value-for-money is more than just initial cost

Your clients expect you to deliver their entire project on budget. Which is no mean feat considering you’ve yet to design their home at this early phase of the project. 


Yet, Architects cannot truly commence working on a project until you know what you’re dealing with. How often have you received survey product that are missing key details? Adjacent building windows, large trees on blocks next door, driveway and road approach angles missing?


All to often Architects require Surveyors to return to the site and re-locate these details. The best case scenario is this sets the project back a week or two. The worst case scenario is this sets back the project and requires the client pay for an additional survey. 


Hillocc understands this dynamic and believes the true foundation of every great project is not set beneath the building, but during the planning and design phase. Because the outputs are only ever as good as the inputs. 


Even if the client organised and paid for the original survey, scenarios like this are common and often cause friction during the earliest phase of the relationship. Something to be avoided wherever feasibly possible.

The true foundation of every great project is not set beneath the building, but during the planning and design phase.

Ticking all of your boxes

That’s why we work so closely with Architects. To ensure we truly understand the needs of the project, your client and yourself. So that we can provide you with surveying product that ticks all of your boxes; first time, every time. 


To ensure that you can commence design work quickly and with the level of detail and accuracy needed to inspire both your confidence and your creativity.


When you select the right Surveyor, you will be able to deliver the best design for your clients with reliability and efficiency. Ultimately, making your job easier whilst delivering the greatest value for money to your clients. 

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