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You’re a builder of dream homes, not houses.

Yet, every great builder committed to creating something special always faces the same challenge… People.

The Right People

It’s not enough to just have people, but you have to have the right people. Everything from marketing and sales, planning, design, construction, fit and finish to post-construction support. You’ve got to have the right people in place at every single step of your projects. 


Imagine being able to build your client’s dream homes with 100%, fully in-house people… And they were all “A-Grade” people. 


How much easier would your builds go? 


Communication would be clearer, build times faster and quality higher than ever before. Plus, clients would be happier and profit margins would be greater too. 

Shared Values and Standards

No doubt you’d love to build your client’s dream homes end-to-end with 100% in-house people; but it’s not very realistic.  


The more realistic solution is to find the right sub-contractors. Those who are specialists in their field and have found, trained and grown their own “A-Grade” people. 


Industry professionals who share the same beliefs, values and commitment to excellence that you have. 


This is what makes Hillocc Surveyors the perfect partner for you, the premium builder. 

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Enabling You To Focus On Your Core Business

More often than not, your clients homes are situated in highly desirable locations. These are usually built-up and established areas; lurking with hidden “challenges”. 


These often present as sloping blocks, questionable fence-lines, sewer mains that weren’t visible on eBIMAP, roof-lines bordering on town-planning height limits and many, many more.


Not only that, but you and your clients have more exacting standards. You expect quality, precision and perfection. 


Whilst some surveyors see these as problems and loath them, we see them as challenges and embrace them. We love to find solutions and strive to make your life easier. 


So you can get on with your client’s projects and do what you love to do best. Create forever homes that your clients will cherish for generations to come.

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